Learn estonian , Estonian language

The joke goes that a “Estonian has no sex and no future,” referring to the fact that the Estonian language has no genders and no future tense. However, once you get started, it’s gorgeous to listen to, intriguingly different, and tremendously enjoyable to use. In a linguistic beauty contest, an Estonian phrase (sida tasa üle silla – meaning “go gently over the bridge,” maybe more of a traffic sign than a romantic utterance) placed second only to Italian.

Learn estonian , Estonian language

Many students study the language because of the fascination and challenge it provides, and once they have mastered the fundamentals, notably pronunciation, they make rapid progress.

People can be found all around Estonia.eager and able to communicate with you in a range of languages, the most popular being English, Finnish, or Russian, with many individuals also being able to communicate in French, German, or Swedish.

Learning Estonian is not technically necessary in a country where the majority of people speak at least two languages fluently, but it can surely help you gain a better understanding of the country.

  • Language Level

According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, Estonian language instruction is classified into levels ranging from A1 (beginning) to C2 (fluent in business and professional language). The levels give you get a sense of how challenging courses can be, and they’re frequently used in job ads to represent the required level of language proficiency. If you want to become an Estonian citizen, you must have a B1 level.



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