My Reader Rewards Club: How to Get Free Books

My Reader Rewards Club: How to Get Free Books


My Reader Rewards Club: How to Get Free Books

Do you enjoy reading? If that’s the case, you might check out My Reader Rewards Club, a website that allows you to earn free books and audio by completing surveys, introducing friends, and more.

Free Books

Free ebook

It’s simple to get a free book – you don’t even need to refer a friend!

Christian books from Tyndale are available through My Reader Rewards Club, including nonfiction, fiction, parenting, children’s books, audiobooks, ministry resources, and more! They even have audio and book versions of the Adventures in Odyssey series!

Over the last few years, they’ve given our family a number of free books, and I’ve appreciated being able to acquire brand-new books for free! (Here are eight more methods to receive free books!)

To Get Your First Free Book, Follow These Steps:

1. Sign up for My Reader Rewards by clicking here.

2. Carry out the following tasks:

  • To earn 15 points, share your birthday.
  • To earn 20 points, sign up for the Tyndale email newsletter.
  • To earn 15 points, take the thankfulness quiz.
  • To earn 45 points, complete the My Reader Rewards Club Member Survey.
  • Get 15 points by answering the What Decade Do You Belong In question.
  • Do you want to get more points? You can recommend friends and get 10 points for each referral. You can also gain 10 points by sharing on social media.

3. Choose one of the books offered for 110 points or less with these 110 points. When you’ve decided on a book, put it in your cart and proceed to checkout. There is no cost for shipping. Within 2-4 weeks, you should receive your order.

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