Greenlights PDF free download Google Drive

Greenlights PDF free download Google Drive

Free Greenlights PDF Download

Greenlights PDF Download

I’ve lived in this life for fifty years, been attempting to sort out its mystery for forty-two, and been maintaining journals with clues to that riddle for the past thirty-five. These are the things that have made me amaze and laugh out loud throughout the years, the good and the bad. What it means to be fair. What you can do to lessen your level of anxiety. How to have fun. How to do less harm to others. Tips on how to avoid being injured if at all possible. How to be a nice guy. How to have significance in life. How to be a better version of yourself.

Recently, I got up the guts to sit down with those diaries. Poems, prayers, prescriptions, convictions about what counts, wonderful images, and a slew of bumper stickers were among the treasures I unearthed. If you know how to cope with life’s obstacles and when to do so — how to come in touch with the inevitable — you may achieve what I term “catching greenlights,” a state of achievement I refer to as being successful.

Thus I grabbed a one-way ticket to the desert and wrote this book: an album, a record, a tale of my life so far. Throughout these pages, I’ll be reminiscing on the things I’ve seen, felt, and figured out over the last five decades. Graces, realities, and beauty of cruelty. Being away with, getting caught, and getting wets while attempting to dance between the rains.

Hopefully, it’s medication that tastes nice, a couple of aspirin instead of the infirmary, a spacecraft to Mars without requiring your pilot’s license, attending to church without having to be born again, and smiling through the tears.

Download Greenlights PDF Google Drive

It’s a letter of devotion to someone you care about. To life.

With the help of this cheat sheet, you may learn how to get more greenlights—and see that even the yellow and red ones do ultimately turn green.

Congratulations and best wishes on your endeavors.

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