Download Pokemon Go for Android with a direct link

Download Pokemon Go for Android with a direct link


Download Pokemon Go for Android with a direct link

To all the fans and followers of World Online, welcome to a new Android game that has gained great and huge popularity in the recent period and got millions of downloads, which is Pokemon Go Free for Android, so join the trainers from various places in the world who are looking for Pokemon from About Them was named “Best Mobile Game” by the Game Developers Choice Awards and was named “App of the Year” by TechCrunch.

Download Pokemon Go for Android with a direct link

Pokémon GO mobile game is one of the most popular fun adventure games that relies entirely on reality technology to link the reality in which the player lives and the fantasy world of Pokemon. It consists of well-known Pokemon characters so that you can win.

Whereas, Pokemon Go is a mobile game developed by Niantic and published by The Pokemon Company, and the first version of the game was released in July 2016 for Android and iOS devices, and although the game was released a very short time ago, but It was able to gain more popularity than expected, as the game spread all over the world due to its interesting and different style from other video games.

The Pokemon game allows its users to obtain and train strange creatures called Pokemon and also fight each other. These creatures appear on the screen of the device used in the game in live reality. The game uses the Global Positioning System or GPS, live maps, and cameras for phones to photograph the user while roaming in search of Pokemon

So, download Pokemon Go for Android now from your distinguished website, Direct App, through a direct link, and enjoy the most powerful and fun Android games.

Pokemon Go mobile game explained

Pokemon Go mobile game is a game that is considered a turning point in the boom of virtual reality technology, using the phone’s camera, as this game transformed the real world into an open world to play using the well-known Google Maps, and it sparked a lot of controversy when it was first released in 2016.

The goal of the game is to search for famous Pokemon characters anywhere, whether it is the house, on the street or any other place, and capture them in a copy similar to the real world, using the GPS feature of the phone, the map in the game and the phone camera as well, with the aim of changing the real world in which you live To another imaginary world filled with different Pokemon characters.

The game allows its users to catch Pokemon creatures that appear on the phone screen as if they exist in the natural reality, and all you have to do is go to the place where the Pokemon are and collect them from anywhere you might be, and if you succeed in collecting the largest number of Pokemon you get additional rewards and benefits.

Pokemon Go is available in various electronic markets for free, but you can get some tools within the game for a fee that you can spend through Visa Cards or bank accounts to be able to reach advanced stages and to get the largest number of Pokemon. The game was released in conjunction with Pokemon Plus, which is This wearable widget that works through Bluetooth to alert you if there are new Pokémon nearby.

Pokemon Go allows you to get Pokemon, train and fight the other, and these virtual Pokemon appear in the real world, so it won the admiration of everyone and was able to achieve huge popularity in the market, especially by teenagers, and the company that produced the game announced that on July 20, 2016, it managed to get 30 million downloads Which brought it a revenue of nearly $ 35 million, which is considered a record for Android and iOS games. On Friday, Apple announced that the game was able to get a large number of downloads from the App Store.

Pokemon Go game story

The idea of ​​the Pokemon Go game is based on virtual strange creatures in the real world called Pokemon, which are different creatures that live in different places in the world, which you must obtain by operating the Internet package through the phone and then follow the compass that determines where the Pokemon are located, which is the phrase that the types of Different, including the so-called aquatic type, which are Pokemon that will live near the water beaches, you must get them, and you can exchange Pokemon with friends through the competition to be able to form your own group of Pokemon.

You can also get your own Pokemon device and it is tied around the waist and that device alerts you by vibrating if there is a Pokemon nearby to go towards it to get it by pressing a certain button and the Pokemon will be captured automatically and this device is less expensive for people who find golden watches Expensive, download the pokemon game, but you must be ready to go to the tours and adventures to get those pokemon, which can be located in remote and difficult places to get, so get to know people who play this game so that you can exchange Pokemon near you instead of hop to far places

Features of downloading the game Pokemon Go for Android direct link

  • Pokemon Go for Android has a lot of great features that made it the most downloaded game on the Internet due to the following:-

  • You can download the Pokemon game through your direct app website and also through electronic download platforms that work on operating systems

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